About Us And Why We Do Clothing Logo’s

How did we become involved in clothing logo’s?

Well Dotcolour was born out of first being a seller of printed tees on Norwich Market. We didn’t give any consideration to how shirts were printed but soon people were more interested in getting shirts printed than buying what was on show – eureka! Let’s print t shirts rather than just sell some designs.

So from then on we have progressed from just having a small tabletop set-up to a offering a range of garment decoration services and print options. Our aim has always been to offer the best option for what you the customer wants, so we’ll always try to supply what the best thing for your print job, be it a t shirt, a hoodie or a polo. Sure there’s a lot of choice out there but the step up in quality from one garment to another can be pence rather than pounds.

Our clients include RG Carters, Teespring, Marks & Spencers and many local businesses, UEA sports teams and schools. People like us because we are polite, friendly and will tell you if something’s not going to work.

We also like to have fun so you won’t find a corporate face on things here – no sir!